What is Whatsapp?

What is Whatsapp Messenger? 

Whatsapp Messenger is an app (software program) which you can use to send messages on your phone. It’s basically an alternative way to send free sms text messages using your internet connection.

Whatsapp is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Whatsapp is not only restricted to sending text messages but you can also send pictures, video’s, voice messages, contact information and share your current location.

17 thoughts on “What is Whatsapp?”

  1. Five of us are traveling to Amsterdam. I would like for us to use Whatsapp to communicate in case we get separated in town.
    When I travel abroad, I turn off my data and email and only use them when I know I have a wifi connection to avoid international fees with my iPhone provider. Will we still turn off data and email when we are out of our hotel’s wifi and be able to use Whatsapp?

      1. Pls advise i am using whats app. may i know can record whats app call (Voice) history mobile operator.

    1. Yes it’s free. Am from India and I use what’s app calling feature to talk with my sister who is in USA

  2. Will watsapp let me see if the receiver has opened my text message and read it or do they need to have the WhatsApp also

  3. I would like to know if someone contacts me on whatsapp can he/she see my other contacts? can he/she contact them? can i be called on my regular phone by that whatsapp contact? Thank you

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