How do I use a Broadcast List

Would you send at once a mass message to multiple people? For example, at New Year’s Eve. Then you can send all your friends a message one by one or you create a Broadcast List. You can use Send option.

Take the following steps to send a mass message:

  • Go to your list of all your current calls / chats.
  • Settings – & gt; New broadcast list
  • The + to add people by their name ticking. If you’ve done this, click on ready. Then click Next
  • your message and click Submit .

    Note: Only contacts who also have added you to their list WhatsApp receive the message. If a contact does not receive your messages, check whether they have added you to their contacts list.

1 thought on “How do I use a Broadcast List”

  1. I loaded WhatsApp on my Iphone 6
    the two persons to whom I wish to chat can’t find my name to add me to a chat group.
    What is my name on Whatsapp, It should be that of Facebook or like

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