How does it work?

How does Whatsapp work? A question on a lot of people’s mind. Please use the pulldown menu when you hover over the menu to find your question and click the question to find the answer or ask your question in the comments.

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      1. If if I look at a chat and it says online does that mean my chat is being looked at specifically by the person I’m chatting with or could it be other people that person is chatting with ?

  1. my question was if you have someone on your contact address book and you send a message to somebody that has application on their phone but don’t have you on their contact Address can they still receive your messages

  2. I have a friend in Italy who has whatsapp on his phone. I am in the U.S. Do I need to download whatsapp to not be charged for texting with him?

  3. Just got a new Samsung S5 and whatsapp mess notifications come up in the title bar complete with the message itself ie. Not a hidden notificat ion. Example: I can be seeing photos or browsing and a whatsapp message comes up in full ie. All text showing. I think this is absolutely not private. Can this be changed? Can plse help?
    Thank you

  4. I had installed WhatsApp in 2 phones. Now if I delete my account in one of the phones, will my account get deleted in the 2nd phone too ? What should I do to delete my account in all the devices I had installed ?

    1. Whatsapp only works on 1 device. If you delere your account everything connected with your number will be gone.

  5. Can anyone tell me what service or technology whatsapp uses to save data on no connction and send that data on connection automatically.
    Answers will be appreciated thanking you.

  6. Does the person I plan to message need to have whatsapp downloaded on their phone in order for me to message them?

  7. if their is on e gray check next to a sent message, what does that mean? that it was sent but not received?

  8. I’m trying to use WhatsApp to talk to my Dad who’s outside of the US. Unlike me, he can only use it when there is WiFi. Will it charge either of us if I’m sending messages, pictures etc while I’m NOT on WiFi and he is?

      1. If I send a whatsapp to the wrong person by mistake and I’m not in their contacts, what do they see – just my username and picture, or my phone number as well?

  9. my g/f in philippines has whatsapp on a MyPhone , do i need to install whatsapp on my asus phone for her to text me ?

  10. I frequently get a comment popup at the bottom of a page which says “disable sounds in Settings”
    I can find no entry like this in WhatsApp Settings..plse explain what you mean.

  11. I put a password on my whtsapp & now I forget that password & email address too.So how can I again use the same number whatsapp?

  12. My boyfriend is pverseas he says the signal is bad that side. His messages has 2’grey ticks when I sent it. Please advise if he gets it or not

  13. after installation of WhatsApp , next is to open and enjoy. my problem is this: after intering the number (to use on WhatsApp), may phone losses connection! (but other application which use net work work properly)
    thanks, I’m waiting for your help.

  14. Hi expert
    My question is : even without internet connection, i can access to photos and messages on WhatsApp, and it works very smoothly. Is there something in local on each device? Need explanation

  15. Will travel to Europe. If i put new local sim card in my phone so i can use cell services w/o roaming charges, will i need to reinstall whatsapp or is my account info retained somehow?

  16. My son is in Cancun, Mexico on vacation and we are in the US. We haven’t heard from him since yesterday and we’re kind of concerned. Below his user ID name on the top of our previous msg’s, it reads “last seen yesterday at 11:12pm” ..what does that mean?

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