Share your Whatsapp-chat by email

It is possible to send your Whatsapp=chats. You can save through a print screen a part of a chat and share with someone but it is also possible to e-mail the entire conversation. Below is a brief guide on how to make a screenshot and how you can send messages by e-mail.

Create a screenshot.
With your device you can make screenshot.

iPhone Press home and de Sleep/Wakebutton
Windows Phone Press power and startbutton.
Samsung/LG Home and powerbutton
Sony/Motorola Press power for a while and select create screenshot.
HTC Press lower volume and the powerbutton

Send by email
It is also possible to send your chat history by email. Go the list with conversations and keep the conversation you want to send pressed. A menu appears where you can select conversation history emailing. Once you click this to go to your mail and pasted the text into an e-mail that you can send.

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