Who owns Whatsapp messenger?

Until 2014 Whatsapp was a separate company that had only provided the messagingservice. On February 19, Facebook buought the company for $ 16 billion. WhatsApp will remain a separate service and will not be integrated into Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Who owns Whatsapp messenger?”

  1. I am devastated to be told that as of December I cannot use whatsapp on my Blackberry. Am I being forced to now buy another type of phone against my will simply to be able to use a messaging application ? Or is this a plot to sink Blackberry ? I tend not to deal with threats very well so perhaps I will just learn to go without Whatsapp as I did for years before it was conceived.

  2. Hi ,
    My name is Sarah and I am very happy to use Whatsupp service to help my patients who are far from my place.
    I would like to ask you that how can I keep track or record of my service I provide to my patients to present this rescored to my company as an evidence to measure the effectiveness of my work..

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