Share your location

Do you want to send a friend your current locaten? Follow the following steps to send your location.

  • Make sure you’re in a chat and click on the clip
  • Select Location
  • You can select your current location 

    You see this option also on a map with the location where you are. You can choose which, or a location in your area. The locations Whatsapp knows you’ll see below the map and on the map with green dots. Tab those dots you see what location it is and can you pass on. These locations are from Foursquare and you can add a new location on Foresquare.
    location Whatsapp

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  1. Hi I got a big problem with What’s App I can’t make any calls can’t see any pictures from downloads at says Allow or Deny. and if I go to Settings and What’s App ask me if What’s App Allow to use Microphone. So now I don’t know what to do I hope I will get some help from you

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