Can I change my username on Whatsapp?

Yes, go to settings and choose profile. Here you can change your user name.

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  1. I go to my settings and profile and select username to change my username but it is still showing up on my friends devices as the previous username. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

  2. I want to know about status privacy in Whatsapp. Can I make my online status available to a particular contact only.
    Suppose I am online and chatting with a person called A and we both can see our status each other. At the same time I dont want to share my online status with other contacts.
    Is it possible

    1. yes U can do so by following these steps.

      1 open whatsapp
      2 select CONTACTS
      3 select the contact name you don’t want to see yr activity.
      4 click on three vertical dots on upper right corner
      5 select ‘ more’
      6 select ‘ block’

    2. “I dont want to share my online status with other contacts.”
      Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy.
      In the Privacy screen you can set whether “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, or “Nobody” can see your status, photo or last-seen info.

  3. it says “name” on that page but below it it says that this is not your user name!

      1. Please reply to John Doe. I want to change (or even see) the name my contacts see, but I am confused by the profile in whatsapp. If I go to Settings–>Profile, I see my name there; however, below it says “This is not your username or pin. This name will be visible to your Whatsapp contacts”. So ok, what is my “username”, and is that also visible to my contacts? I am confused (by the way, I am new to Whatsapp).

          1. Hey Admin, Your answer from Sept. 20 doesn’t make sense. Please advise on how to determine my WhatsApp user name? Why is it so difficult to put a line in Settings > Profile > that reads “Username:” XYZ123?

  4. “How can I change my username in Whatsapp?”
    In short, you can’t – because there isn’t one.
    Whatsapp does not use usernames – it uses your PHONE number to uniquely identify your account.
    The name that appears in your profile and is easily customisable? – that’s just a screen name/handle for the chat interface and is not unique.

  5. Under my Profile, there are:

    a. A picture
    b. A name – “This is not your username or pin. This name will be visible to your WhatsApp contacts.”
    c. Phone number
    d. Status

    I am confused over b. How do I view a person’s b?

    If that person is in my phone book, I will only see the name I assigned to the person in my phone book and never see b.

    If that person is not in my phone book, I can see his a (profile picture*), c (phone number), d (status*) but never b. (* I think subject to him granting the rights.)

    So what is the purpose of b, “This is not your username or pin. This name will be visible to your WhatsApp contacts.”?

  6. Sorry, I have the same issue from a previous post, but nobody answered well.. I have an iphone..

    I go to my settings and profile and and change my name but it is still showing up on my friends devices and new friends as the previous username. Is there a way to resolve this issue? I basically don’t want my last name appearing anymore, for privacy reasons.. But it keeps showing up to new people added.


      1. I have the same problem too. I’ve changed my user name next to profile photo. I can see it changes on my own account but nothing happen when i see from different account. It is still the same like the first time i set the name 2 years ago.

  7. If you are in the same group with people that are not in your contact list, how can you make them see your name (it shows up like “~name” in the chat next to their phone number.)

  8. My existing user name, which happens to be my old email address, need to be changed since that was hacked and has been aborted.
    How the change the present User name to new user name .

    Please giude me

  9. Hi could someone please tell me, which name will appear online to other what’s app?

    User name?
    Contact name?

    Thanks for your help.

  10. Hey I think I found the answer. The Whatsapp user name will not override your contact name save by your friend on their gadget. They need to change your contact name manually on their gadget. If they delete your contact, and you send a message from your Whatsapp account, they will see only your number without your name show up.

  11. Try this: go to your “contacts” on whatsapp and search your name. Tap on your name and change your listed name.
    I tried changing my name on the profile but it did not work.

  12. Do I have a username that I can give someone so they can find me on what’s app. Do I have a username that someone can find me , instead of using my phone number,

  13. Why is there a number six(6) in my dialog box for display name on WhatsApp, it is on the far right hand side of the box and doesn’t affect my name or show in my display name on other devices

  14. Is it possible to have different user names for different chats on WhatsApp? (I have one for work saying “Jess in Purchase Accounts” but obviously I don’t want that name popping up when I’m messaging friends!)

  15. I set up a Whatsapp account with my phone number and real name, but no username. I verified my account without a username. How is this possible? How do I add one? Thank you.

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