Does Whatsapp save my messages on their servers?

Your chats are being saved on your phone and not on the Whatsapp server. The only moment Whatsapp saves your message is the moment you send it. The message is being saved on Whatsapp servers until it can be delivered to the recieving phone. This might take a while when that phone is out reach of internet or is turned off.

If the message is on the Whatsapp server for more than 30 days it will be deleted from the server.

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    1. Get into File Manager in your phone and u can see the option to delete it..Just have a not sure about it

    1. When u go to delete messages from whatsapp i have by mistake missed putting messages in the bin and pressed the save button. How do i get of those messages and were do i find them and how do i fhnd them.My phone is galaxy s4 mini please help

  1. If WhatsApp doesn’t store messages and images on its servers then howcome it provides a backup of all the messages when we deactivate the WhatsApp and installs it again.
    I uninstalled to WhatsApp just to check whether all my information Is deleted or not. I restarted my mobile in order to remove the data stored in temporary files. Then when I insatlled it agin, it gave me an option to backup and all it took sometime to download it all from the server.
    Why is it so?

    1. Whatsapp backup your data on your phone.Not on its servers.I you want to do practical.Just backup your data at the moment.And then send some messages to your friends.Then remove whatsapp from your phone.Backup option will still be available there,but it will not be able to recieve the messages you sent just a few minutes after,you back up your data.

    2. That’s because Whatsapp offers an optional backup feature. This is not backed up to Whatsapp ‘s own servers, it’s backed up to Google Drive or iCloud. This feature is optional, so you can switch it off in Whatsapp settings, or even delete past backups if you should so desire.

  2. nevertheless, Whatsapp facebook skype twitter or any conversation chat that send massage or picture or any kind of video… there will safe it forever in their server. I hope this kind of company have some policies that forbidden spread our picture or video .

  3. issue of whatsap groul …If I any person select to be an admin… he can remove even the creater of that group.. this is my correction I hope this will be consider……..Thanks you…. I’m Abbas sani kerau from Katsina state Nigeria….

  4. Guys is their any place means a sever where the data is saved..for Whats their any official site where we can know the official information provided by Whatsapp

  5. hello admin,
    my cell phone was lost today and if the person removes my sim card and put to another device and install watsapp on it using my number he will be able to see all my messages that will be downloaded from how can i stop him from doing this other than deactivating my sim there anyother possible way to delete my backed up messages in the server.??please do the needfull..
    thank you

  6. Hi.. My phone was damaged and i install Whatsapp after 5 days in another phone. How to get the 5 days messages ( group messages are received) pls help me…

  7. Respected Sir,
    One of my classmate tolerated me by sending whatsapp chat. Unfortunately, I have deleted that chat.. And without backup I have uninstalled the whatsapp in order to get that deleted massage.
    Many times I have tried to recover that deleted messages (25- 27jan) but was unable to recover it.
    Plz help me…. It’s very very urgent…
    With Regards

  8. I have uninstall WhatsApp without deleting my chats And i have chaned my number too now if any other person will install WhatsApp with my number will they are able to get all the backup of my messages

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