Your chats are being saved on your phone and not on the Whatsapp server. The only moment Whatsapp saves your message is the moment you send it. The message is being saved on Whatsapp servers until it can be delivered to the recieving phone. This might take a while when that phone is out reach of internet or is turned off.

If the message is on the Whatsapp server for more than 30 days it will be deleted from the server.

20 thoughts on “Does Whatsapp save my messages on their servers?

  1. If WhatsApp doesn’t store messages and images on its servers then howcome it provides a backup of all the messages when we deactivate the WhatsApp and installs it again.
    I uninstalled to WhatsApp just to check whether all my information Is deleted or not. I restarted my mobile in order to remove the data stored in temporary files. Then when I insatlled it agin, it gave me an option to backup and all it took sometime to download it all from the server.
    Why is it so?

  2. nevertheless, Whatsapp facebook skype twitter or any conversation chat that send massage or picture or any kind of video… there will safe it forever in their server. I hope this kind of company have some policies that forbidden spread our picture or video .

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