How do I change my status “last seen” ?

Other users can see your status, if you are online or when you have been online for the last time. Being online means that you have opened your Whatsapp, that the program is connected to the internet and that you are either browsing your recieved messages or are creating a message yourself. If a contact person shows “online” it means that that user is also connected with her or his whatsapp program. This does not mean your contact has read your messages.

Last seen refers to the moment the user has closed their Whatsapp program. You can also see this as “went offline at…”

If you cannot see any of the indications “last seen” or  “online”, you might be blocked by that user. Read more about being blocked here.

Turn off last seen

To remove the last seen option from your own account:

  • Go to settings for Whatsapp
  • Choose Chatsettings -> Advanced
  • Turn off “last seen”

Note: When you turn off this option nobody can see when you were last online but you will not be able to see this from other users as well. You can only change this setting every 24 hours.

15 thoughts on “How do I change my status “last seen” ?”

  1. A couple of users i can only see as ‘online’, what does this mean?
    Can they see when i was last online / last seen their messages?

  2. I’m still unclear with last seen. When I open a particular contact and i see “last seen”, does that mean the last time that contact was chequing my messages or last time she was chequing any messages from anyone? In other words, lf that person gets into somebody else’s chat and leaves that chat at 4:30 pm and then I go into our chat will I still see last seen 4:30 pm even though she may not have got into our chat at all?

  3. When I see ‘last seen ‘ on my Whatsapp is it when I saw the message last or when the other person I messaged saw the message last ?

    This isn’t clear to me at all … Would like some clarification . Thank you .

  4. I have a question. I sent a message to a friend yesterday at 6.00pm. His last seen was yesterday at 5.00pm. I saw that the message was delivered but was not read. This morning I saw that the message was read (the blue double tick was showing) and yet his last seen was still yesterday at 5.00pm. My question is, did he or did he not read the message?

  5. Right if I open a message between me and another WhatsApp user…and it shows last seen 19:01 does that mean that user opened up the message again just to i don’t know stare at it or does it simply indicates that user was just using the app in general rather that checking our cinversation

      1. so re above, it doesnt mean they viewred my message again at that last time stated , but that was just the last time they logged into Watsapp ??

  6. I would like something clarified… when i select one of my contacts on my watsapp list.. and see ‘Last seen at whatever time@ does that mean.. thats the last time they used watsapp.. OR does it mean , thats the last time they actually viewed my message AGAIN??? I WOULD really like to know that.. anybody???

  7. I think what everyone is asking is – does last seen mean they have logged and are typing but not to you, to someone else – it can’t really mean much else – if the last seen was at 7.24 but you were online at 7.22 waiting for their reply and the ticks haven’t come up beside your name it can only mean that they are talking with someone else no?

  8. If a whatsapp user is in another time zone… what time stamp shows… meaning if I am in EST (Eastern Standard Time) and its 3pm my time, they are in PDT (pacific day time) and its 12pm there… will the time they are last seen show on my phone in my time or the time zone they are in…

    So if it shows last seen on my end at 3pm, does that mean they were last seen at 3pm my time but 12pm for the time zone they are in?

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