Blocking other users

Whatsapp offers you the option to block other users. You can change your chatsettings and add users to the blocked list. These people will not be able to send you messages anymore. What effect does this have?

  • Whatsapp messages being send by the blocked user will not be delivered to your phone.
  • Your information showing “last seen” and “online” will not be shown to the blocked user anymore.
  • You profile picture won’t be viewable by the blocked user.
  • You cannot send messages to the blocked user untill you unblock that user.

Blocking however does not have an effect on the following two functions:

  • Your status message will still be visible for all your contacts that have your phone number in their favorites list, including the users that you have blocked.
  • Blocking a user does not remove the user from your list of favorites, nor does it remove you from the list of favorites on the blocked users phone. IF you want to remove a contact from your list of favorites you will have to remove the contact from your phone’s adress book.

2 thoughts on “Blocking other users”

  1. 1. Why is it that I can no longer see last seen time or the photo of a contact which I was able to see up until a few days ago, and yet I can still communicate with them?

    2. And, others, I see the photo, but there is no last seen time.

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