Can I install Whatsapp on an iPad or iPod?

Whatsapp is created for use on a mobile phone but can be installed on an iPad or iPod when you follow these steps:

*NOTE: These steps are taken at own risk, Howdoeswhatsapp work is not responsible for any malfunctions or broken devices.

1. Buy Whatsapp using iTunes on your mac or pc.

2. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3:

3. After installation start the Iphone Configuration Utility 3.3

4. Choose Programs in the left column and choose add. Browse to the folder Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Media -> Mobile applications and select the package WhatsApp.ipa

5. Connect your iPod or iPad to your mac or PC and select it under “devices”. Click on the Program tab, select Whatsapp and choose install. Whatsapp will be installed on your connected device!

Not all users have confirmed that these steps work. Again this is at your own risk!

3 thoughts on “Can I install Whatsapp on an iPad or iPod?”

  1. Hi, thats very sad that WhatsApp does not offer a client for iPad and I’ve been trying a lot of ways to get it working on iPad without jail break. The web version is for sure the most secure and reliable way to use it on iPad, It is actually pain less to use. The most of the apps on the App Store are not reliable at all because of the excessive ads showing, but there is one that I would recommend, it covers almost all features from WhatsApp Web and it is quit fast on iPad:

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