What do the checkmarks mean?

There are a few different checkmarks and icons showing the status of your messages.

whatsapp clock A clock means your message has been sent but has not been recieved by the server.
One checkmark One checkmark means that your message has been sent and has been recieved by the server.
Two checkmarks means that your message has been sent, recieved by the server and has been succesfully forwarded to the contact. It does however not mean the message has been read.
Blue checkmarks Two blue checkmarks mean the message has been read.

If your message keeps showing only one checkmark it can mean the following options:

  • Your contact’s phone is turned off or the battery has died
  • Your contact’s phone is not connected to the internet
  • Your contacts phone has send out a push notification but has not opened Whatsapp. (this is very normal on iPhones)
  • Your contact’s free trail period has expired
  • Your contact has blocked you.

4 thoughts on “What do the checkmarks mean?”

  1. is there any possible way, by which i can gain number of those people who have my contact number in their mobile. because last time i lost my contact list in whatsapp-less phone but now i have whatsapp but i don’t have any way to find those people whose number i had in my old mobile. because some people were really hard to meet and find again. i want their number but i can’t find again because we met only one time and we had only our contact number by which we can contact each other.
    please whatsapp developer..
    i’m requesting you to add one feture in whatsapp.
    how i can know who have my contact number in their mobile, because i don’t want to lose any single person only because of they have my contact number, but i don’t.

    Amit Makwana
    +91 966 222 0059

  2. When it says: last seen at…
    Does this mean the user has opened the app and not necessarily used it, or does it mean the user has been active up till that time (or last seen?).

  3. If it shows that they haven’t been online or anything, and it’s only one check mark does that mean they blocked me? Or does it also mean maybe there phone is turned off

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