It is possible to send messages to more than one user at a time, being called group conversations. On android devices you choose the option Groupconversation in the menu. On your iPhone you pull down the screen on the chats tab showing the option for group chat on top.

How do I remove myself from a group conversation?

To remove yourself from a group conversation go to the overview list of chats and select the group conversation. On Android you keep pressing the chat for a moment and choose the option “delete and leave group”. On iPone you swipe with your finger to the left and choose “delete”. You will now have left the group conversation.

How do I add someone to a group conversation?

You can only add someone to a group conversation if you have started the group yourself. To add someone to the group choose menu -> Group Information. This shows the users that are in the group and gives you the option to add participants.

How do I make sure I don’t keep getting added to group conversations?

Go to settings, contacts, blocked contacts and add the user that keeps adding you.

How many people can be in a group conversation?

A maximum of 20 users can be added to a group conversation.

8 thoughts on “Groupconversations”

  1. Hi,
    I am the admin group of a whatapps group chat, however i accidentally delete the group chat. Now another person of hte group chat is the admin instead in his samsung phone. We tried hard to add me back to the group from his samsung does not work. In the his samsung, he is the designated admin after i have lef the group. Please help me!

    1. He has to add you as a contact on his phone. Then add you as a participant. Finally make you administrator. Otherwise there is nothing else you can do.

  2. Are the whatapps conversation in a group monitored by whatsapps providers to see if the proper languages are used and the paticipant follow any code of conduct?

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