Can I change my phone number in Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is linked to your phone number. When you get a different number it is possible to change your number ans you can keep using Whatsapp?

If you have a iPhone , BlackBerry or Nokia and you keep the same device but with a different number then you take the following steps:

  • Make sure that the new phone number works so you can receive an SMS
  • Go to Settings ->Account -> Change number
  • Enter your old number in the first field and your new number in the second field. Then click Save .Your old number will be deleted from the database and WhatsApp your new number is being verified.If you need a Android or a Windows Phone it is not possible to change your number. You need to remove your old account and then you can add a new number and verify it.

6 thoughts on “Can I change my phone number in Whatsapp?”

  1. I hv 2 SIM cards (ph. Nos.) – I had installed my first ways app I’d on iPhone5s and second on iPhone 6. Then I moved both my sim to a dual sim android phone.

    Surprisingly I continue to receive wats app messages on my iPhone 6. Why is that the case and how is that happening.

    This is important to me as my child is going to use my iPhone 5 and I do not want my wats app messages related to the first phone no. going into iPhone 5.

  2. It is your Sim cards that have the info the phone without them is an empty shell as your email address and phone numbers are on your sim cards they have moved to the new shell (phone)

  3. I have an LG phone that cannot download whatsapp for use and this is my mobile phone. I also have an android tablet which I don’t move about with and I downloaded whatapp on this android. If I register my phone number on my LG mobile phone as my whatsapp number on the android tablet where I downloaded the app, will it be functioning on my LG or on the tablet(which I don’t move about with because of its size)?

  4. I am using WhatsApp and having dual SIM. Earlier I was using internet and WhatsApp from same SIM but now I want WhatsApp no. Same but use 2nd SIM for internet. Is it possible or do I need to change y WhatsApp no. Also ?
    Note: bothe the SIM old and new are working and in same phone.

  5. I forgot my old phone number but trying to use new SIM card on whatsapp so how can I get in to whatsapp by my new phone number?

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