How do I add contacts to Whatsapp?

You don’t have to add contacts in Whatsapp itself. Whatsapp checks your phone’s adressbook and adds the Whatsapp users based on their phone numbers in your Whatsapp contact list.

If it happens that you know for sure your contact has Whatsapp, but the name does not show in the contact list, make sure you have filled in the international country phone number with the + sign.

If you contact changes his or her phone number you have to update it manually in your phone’s adressbook. When this is done Whatsapp will automatically check the new phone number and add it to contacts.

21 thoughts on “How do I add contacts to Whatsapp?”

  1. One of my contacts has moved from one country to another. I am unable to send her whats App msg, it is not being delivered (only 1 tick mark shows). I have updated her new number in the international format (with + sign, country code and no).
    Please help. thanks in advance

  2. I am adding a person to my list of contacts, but they are in San Paulo, Brazil, and some cell phone numbers have 11 digits when I added it to my contact list it wouldn’t allow it. How do I accommodate this in your system? Also, do I need their phone number on my contact information for them so that it’s possible for them to call me or vice versa? Do I need that so that we can have a você conversation or face time conversation?
    Thank you,

    1. Add the contact to your phone’s adressbook. So that you can call the person. If he has Whatsapp you will see him in Whatsapp

  3. if i delete someone from my contacts, will they still be able to see me on the whatsapp, even tho i can’t see them???

  4. im thinking of downloading whatsapps on my phone to chat to my friends but am worried about it using my contact list (address book )from my phone as have a lot of work and bussiness contacts stored on my phone can i keep these seperate some how ?

  5. I’m in the US and will be going to Toronto. My friends’ area code is 416. Do I need to put +1 in front of their number or do Canadian numbers behave like American ones. Thanks!

  6. If my friend deletes my phone number from his phone, will I still be able to his status and contact on what’s app?

  7. One of my contacts shows as having Whatsapp but they tell me they never installed it. Is it possible for a contact that doesn’t have the app to appear in my Whatsapp favorite list if they didn’t have the app?
    I was not prompted to invite them. Their contact was already there…please help.

  8. How contacts show up on my WhatsApp contact list works like this:

    They show up IFF:
    They are in my contact list with a country code and a +
    They have a WhatsApp account.

    Is that it?

  9. If i add someone to my contacts and they do appear in Whatsapp, can they see i have added them even though they may not have me as a contact?
    Do they get a notification or something that i have added them?

  10. This message says to add + country code to make sure your contact shows up in WhatsApp – however I have contacts showing up in WhatsApp that do not have the +1 country code showing. Why is that? I have a contact in my icloud contacts who does not show up in WhatsApp with or without the +1 Country code.

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