Sign up for Snapcash

There are two ways to sign up for Snapcash!

Sign Up Within Chat:

  1. Swipe right on a friend’s name in the Snapchat feed
  2. Type a $ and a dollar amount (e.g. $15), and the green Snapcash button will appear
  3. Tap on the green Snapcash button. The first time you do this, it will prompt you to accept the Terms of Service and enter your debit card information.

Sign Up in Snapchat Settings:

  1. Go to Snapchat Settings
  2. Tap ‘Snapcash’
  3. Tap ‘Add Card

Please Note: To link your card, you must provide the date of expiration, 5-digit ZIP code, and CVV, which is the 3-digit number listed on the back of supported debit cards.