How to View Camera Roll Content in Memories

Memories provides quick access to the photos and videos you’ve saved in your device’s Camera Roll. Just tap the Camera Roll tab at the top of Memories.

Once you’ve opened the Camera Roll tab, press and hold on a photo or video to send it, post it to your Story, send it to a friend in Chat, and more. When you post a photo or video to your Story this way, a frame will be added around the content to show when it was taken, and to indicate that it was posted from your Camera Roll.

Please Note: Your Camera Roll content isn’t backed up by Snapchat. However, if you add Camera Roll content to a Story you’ve created, or move an item from your Camera Roll to My Eyes Only, it will be stored with your Memories content.

5 thoughts on “How to View Camera Roll Content in Memories”

  1. I forgot to log out of my friend’s phone when I checked my Snapchat account. Do they still have access to my Camera Roll?

    I deleted the camera roll. I also changed my password.

    1. So I know it’s been very long since you asked this question but once you change your password you automatically get signed out of your account on all devices because of the password change. Basically you didn’t have to delete any of your camera roll, you just had to change the password asap.

  2. If i log out the the snapchat id!
    Then camera roll needs backup !
    If i backup the pictures then login again
    Will the photos are available?

  3. I was keeping a friends streaks for her and I logged into her Snapchat account on my phone. So now if I take a pic on snap it saves to my friends camera roll on snap. I need to figure out a way so it doesn’t save to her camera roll

  4. i don’t have pictures in my import camera ( under memories ) , how can I get access to this , please can someone help me

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