Search, find and add Friends

Finding and adding friends can be done a few ways ?.

To add someone from your contacts:

  1. Tap the  at the top of your Camera screen.
  2. Tap ‘Add Friends‘ on your Profile screen.
  3. Then tap ‘Add from Address Book‘ (If this is your first time adding friends from your contacts you will need to allow Snapchat to access your contacts. You can do this by going to Settings in the app: Manage > Permissions).
  4. All of your phone contacts with Snapchat accounts will be displayed, along with friends who don’t have Snapchat, who you can invite to use the app via SMS ?  Just tap the + next to their name to add a friend, or invite someone to Snapchat.

To add a Snapchatter who has added you: 

  1. When a Snapchatter has added you, the  at the top of your Camera screen will turn yellow.
  2. Tap the yellow  which will bring you to your Profile screen.
  3. Click ‘Added Me‘ on your Profile screen.
  4. Tap the + next to their name to add them back. It will turn to a ✔ to let you know they have been added.

To add someone by Snapcode: 

  1. Take a screenshot of a friend’s Snapcode.
  2. Open Snapchat, then tap  at the top of the camera screen.
  3. Tap the ‘Add Friends’ button.
  4. Tap ‘Add by Snapcode’.
  5. Tap a Snapcode to add the associated Snapchatter.

Pro Tip ?: You might see a Quick Add section in your Chat, Stories, and Send To screens ?