Who’s in Chat?

One-on-One Chat
When you’re talking one-on-one with someone in Chat, a blue dot will appear at the bottom of your Chat screen which means they’re present in the Chat! If they’ve set up Bitmoji, their Bitmoji will pop up instead to say hello from the bottom of the screen to let you know they’ve arrived! When they leave, their Bitmoji will dart away ??


Group Chat
When someone joins the Group Chat, their name will light up inside a bubble above your keyboard. This lets you know they’re present! Just tap on a name bubble to chat with that Snapchatter one-on-one. To see who has read a chat, just tap on it!

If you’re wondering who’s in a Group Chat before you jump in, just press and hold on the group name in the Chat screen to see a list of group members.

13 thoughts on “Who’s in Chat?”

  1. What’s it mean if some of my friends bitmojis appear faded out or light colored in my friends list. Thank you.

  2. My friends Bitmoji quit showing up when we are chatting. They can see me but I cannot see them. What can I do to fix this?

  3. why doesn’t my friends bitmojis or a blue dot pop up when they are on the chat with me and its not my phone its my account i have made different ones and it works. why pls help.

  4. What does it mean if the bitmoji and the dot does not appear at all in the chat with your friend

  5. Its happening to me also. I have all but pestered snapchat about it almost daily.
    Is it still happening w all of you or did yours get fixed?

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