How do I start a video Chat in Snapchat?

To start a video chat, simply tap the camera.

If your friend is available they can choose to ‘Watch’ or ‘Join’.

  • If your friend chooses to ‘Watch’ you will be unable to see them but they can hear you, see you and also send you chats.
  • If your friend chooses to ‘Join’ you will be able to see and hear each other.

If you would prefer to minimize your video chat, just swipe down on your friend’s video. Don’t worry, you can always tap it to enter full-screen again. Also, if your friend wasn’t available, but you have to tell them something, leave them a video note by pressing and holding on the ?. When you lift your finger, the note will send!

Pro Tip ?: You can also use Lenses in a video chat! Just tap your face to get started. ??