Community Geofilters

Artists and designers are encouraged to create and submit a free Community Geofilter for their city, university, a local landmark, or another public location. If your Geofilter is approved by the Snapchat team, Snapchatters nearby will be able to use it to say where they are!

How to submit a Community Geofilter

  1. Head to the Geofilters website and click Community
  2. Read the instructions and guidelines on creating a Community Geofilter
  3. Click Next
  4. Choose the geographic area you want your filter to be available in, and upload an image asset.
  5. Click Submit

Please Note: All images must be original artwork and have to first be approved by the Snapchat team. Also, no brand logos are allowed. If you’d like to use a brand logo, or create a Geofilter for your shop or an upcoming event, check out On-Demand Geofilters on the Geofilters website.

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