Share photos from your device

It’s easy to send photos and videos from your Camera Roll in Chat! ?

For iOS, first make sure Snapchat has access to your photos in your device’s settings.

Here’s how to send a photo or video from your Camera Roll in Chat:
1. Tap on the left below the text box.
2. Select one or more photos or videos you’d like to send in Chat. If you select more than one photo or video you will be unable to ‘Edit’.
3. If you want, you can get creative with your photo or video by adding a doodle or caption — just tap ‘Edit’ before you send it.
4. Lastly, tap to send the photo or video to a friend.

To send a photo or video directly from your device’s Photos app to a friend, follow the steps below:
(This is only available on devices with iOS 8 and above)
1. Select an image in your Photos app and tap .
2. Tap the ‘…More’ button.
3. Toggle ‘On’ for Snapchat.
4. Tap .
5. Add a caption or doodle to the photo to make your Snap more fun, then tap .
6. Select which friends you want to send the photo to on the ‘Send To…’ screen, and tap . The image will send as a Chat message to your friends!

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