How do I send Voice Calls

Tap the ? to voice call your friend!

If your friend is available, they can ‘Listen’ or ‘Join’.

If your friend chooses to ‘Listen’ you will be unable hear them but they can still hear you and send you chats!
If they ‘Join’ you will be able to hear each other.
If you’re holding your phone away from your face, voice call audio will default to speakerphone. To enable audio through your phone’s earpiece, move your phone up to your face ?.

To hang up, tap — hasta la vista ?! If you hang up, you will still be able to hear your friend until they end their call or you exit the Chat.

Pro Tip: If your friend wasn’t available, but you have to tell them something, leave them a voice note by pressing and holding on the ? .When you lift your finger, the note will send! If you’re not happy with your audio note, drag to the to cancel.

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