How can I change my name on Tinder?

Tinder pulls information from Facebook to create your profile. Simply update your name on Facebook and it will update on Tinder in the next few days. If your name doesn’t update after a week, you might have to delete your Tinder account and start over. Deleting your Tinder account will delete all your matches and messages. If you wish to proceed, follow the steps below:

  1. Delete your Tinder account
  2. Update your name on Facebook
  3. Create a new Tinder account

6 thoughts on “How can I change my name on Tinder?”

    1. No. When you’ve finished creating your new profile, restore your Tinder Plus purchase and you will continue on your paid subscription just like before.

  1. My first name is two words for example “Mary Jane” and both names are listed as my first name on Facebook but on tinder it only shows the first one. How do I change this?

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