How do I display my Instagram on my Tinder profile?

To display photos from Instagram on your Tinder profile you take the following steps:

  1. Tap the icon on the top left-hand corner of the main screen
  2. Tap on your profile photo
  3. Select ‘Edit’
  4. Scroll down and select ‘Connect Instagram’

If your Instagram account is set to private (i.e, only your friends can see your photos) and if you choose to connect your Instagram to your Tinder account, Tinder users will be able to see your most recent Instagram photos. This won’t affect your privacy settings on Instagram.


Remove my Instagram from my Tinderprofile?

If you want to remove Instagram from your profile take the following steps:

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left hand corner on the main screen
  2. Hit ‘View Profile’
  3. Tap ‘edit’
  4. Select ‘Disconnect’

22 thoughts on “How do I display my Instagram on my Tinder profile?”

  1. Hi , I have deleted my instagram account, but my profile page on tinder still showing “my friends on instagram “!
    My question: how can I delet it form my profile on tinder page

      1. Well how do I go about deleting my old tinder account so that I can put my Ingram photos on my new tinder account

  2. Hi. I have made a new tinder account but my instagram login was used on previous one. Now I am not allowed to use my instagram on my new acc because its connected to the other acc which password ive forgotten already. How do i overcome this problem?

    1. Same here. Everywhere I look it says how to disconnect Instagram through tinder but, when I login to tinder it always creates a new account. It’s so frustrating! There’s no option to log into my old Tinder in the first place so I can’t sign out.

  3. I use Instagram by logging in with Facebook, meaning that I don’t have an Instagram username and password to enter… Is there anyway to connect to Instagram? I tried typing in my Facebook email address and password on the Instagram login page but it did not work.

    1. That is simple click on Forgot password and then it will send you a reset paswword email and You reset your instagram password that way

  4. I have the same issue. I had a tinder account with a linked instagram. I deleted my tinder – set it up again – and now I have the message “instagram account already in use” when I try to re-connect tinder to instagram?
    I’ve revolked access on my instagram, changed my instagram password, updated my instagram email address, closed session on facebook, changed my facebook password. Still no luck! anyone have any more suggestions? I’ve emailed tinder but they just keep saying they’re looking in to it

  5. can u deactivate my old tinder? so i can connect new tinder to my instagram. i can’t login my old tinder account cos my old phone number was cancelled

  6. I put my details of my insta account on tinder but it just logs me into the website version on Instagram and doesn’t connect my Instagram account to my tinder profile?! What can I do?!

  7. I put my details of my insta account on tinder but it just logs me into the website version on Instagram and doesn’t connect my Instagram account to my tinder profile?! What can I do?!

  8. I’m unable to disconnect my Instagram account on tinder it will not allow me to disconnect no matter how many times I attempt to, any suggestions on how to remove it from tinder

    1. I am having the same problem if you figure out a solution please send me a message on Instagram it’s thatgirlmattie
      I’ve even tried changing my Instagram password but that’s not working either since I guess I’m logged into tinder and Instagram through Facebook…

  9. Hi people.
    I was having the same issue. Now i think that i fixed that problem.
    I made logout in the cellphone. Then I openned Chrome in my computer (PC), and log in on Tinder. Then i went to the options/definitions, and assigned “disconnect”. And it worked fine. Then I went to the cellphone, Log in and the problem was fixed. Sorry my bad english.

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  11. Having same issue as many above. Old tinder account apparently still active with my insta connected, but tinder doesn’t show as connected from within Instagram app. Can’t access old tinder account that is apparently still active. Seems there’s no hope for changing this.

  12. It won’t work for me. Every time I tell Tinder to link my account, it takes me to a login page to login to Instagram. Then it asks to send me a code on my phone, then I enter the code from my phone, then it opens my Instagram page and I’m stuck there. There’s a red “cancel” on the top right of the screen, but no way to not cancel or confirm. It never actually links to tinder. I’ve tried all the buttons, it just navigates my Instagram site. How do you confirm the connection????? So ludicrous.

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