How do I edit my Tinder-profile?

To edit your profile, tap the icon on the top left-hand corner of the main screen, tap on your profile photo, and select ‘Edit’. You can add up to 6 photos, edit your bio, add your school and job info, connect your Instagram, and select your gender.

11 thoughts on “How do I edit my Tinder-profile?”

  1. Hi, this currently happening to me. Indeed very infuriating.
    Any tips? Other than set the computer on fire? Or are you interested in filing a civil suit for lost time?

  2. I too cannot add any information about my self except pictures. How do I add information under my picture

  3. I’m pretty sure this question meant “computer” and not phone, and so answers referring to “tapping” are not going to work. I honestly can’t figure out how to put my bio on tinder from my computer (I hate typing on a phone when I have a perfectly good computer with a real keyboard.)

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