I got a new message notification but I don’t see it.

Try typing that person’s name in the Search bar at the top of the Matches screen. If the conversation doesn’t come up, it means that person either unmatched you or deleted their account. There might be a slight delay so I would recommend trying again later.

9 thoughts on “I got a new message notification but I don’t see it.”

  1. had a woman called michelle messaging me, she disappeared, I thought maybe deleted me or unmatched which seemed weird as all going great, cant see her face or messages, then I get an alert saying michelle messaged you. but again she not there. strange

  2. I ve got the same problem I am getting notifications about messages ive got but when I come to co versation I cant see it. This seems like some messenger problem I think support should look at that.

  3. same problem. I receive notifications about messages but can’t open them in matches dialog. I’ve lost my best match 😭

  4. a girl im currently hooking up with and I found each other on Tinder, I superliked and she swiped right, im a match on her phone but not on mine, she can message me and I get the notification “Blank just messaged you” but still doesnt show me matched with her or conversations with her. how many other matches am I missing?

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