How can I add or delete pictures on my profile?

When you register on happn, your account will import some of your Facebook photos. You can edit them by tapping on the “Photo” button on the top right of your profile (on the bottom on Windows phones). From there, on the bottom right of each of your photos, an “x” button allows you to delete it. On the empty tabs, the “+” button allows you to add photos directly from your smartphone’s albums, your camera, your Facebook or Instagram account.

For the sake of transparency and respect for other users, we remind you that your photos must be representative, personal and appropriate.

5 thoughts on “How can I add or delete pictures on my profile?”

  1. My single FB photo doesn’t show up in my app (was added after I installed the app). Why the f*** can’t I just upload a photo from my phone!?

  2. i am unable to upload my photo on happn app it take dp from my FB kindly assist me how change my dp on happn app and also how to upload more picture in app

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